Et commencez à découvrir de nouvelles destinations où vous pourrez apprendre des langues

 Learn a language in a different country. The best way to learn a foreign language is going to a foreign country.


In France, located in the Western Europe, we can find towns of average age, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches.

Its capital is Paris very famous a cause the haute couture houses, its classical art museums such the Louvre and monuments as the Tour Eiffel.

This country and the gastronomy are associated: wines and a fine gastronomy go together.

Other interest places to visit is the Lascaux grotto, the roman theatre of Lyon and the impressive Palace of Versailles.  This is just an example of its rich history.

Capital: Paris

Dialling code: +33

State form: Republic


Aprender un idioma en el extranjero. La manera más rápida de aprender un idioma es donde se habla
Idioma a aprender Destino (país) Destino (ciudad)