– What we do?

– INTERCAMBIOS LOW-COST offers you a database of families who want learn mainly languages and that are agree to offer you a room in their house to make cheaper the price for learning in another country and where before or later can also enjoy the same welcome in the country of the person hosted.

How we work?

First you must log-in in INTERCAMBIOS LOW-COST and pay a small amount per year with the possibility to recover it. You must pass a quality and security test following easier but important steps. When you will be admitted in INTERCAMBIOS LOW-COST, you can see the profiles of the rest of participants from other countries but also from your country. From this moment, you can chat to start your exchange. That easy!

 Why we do?

After having lived some personal experiences, we consider that the cost of exchanges is very high-specially the companies who are in the market which are not accessible to all the family economies- but, we have found the solution : many families will can benefit from these INTERCAMBIOS LOW-COST to learn and improve the language in the chosen destination with accommodation and dispenses included. The only condition is a reciprocal EXCHANGE.

Aprender un idioma en el extranjero. La manera más rápida de aprender un idioma es donde se habla
Idioma a aprender Destino (país) Destino (ciudad)