1) Consider your guest as a family member.

2) Duration of exchangue:
It’s recommended that the duration of the exchange be between 7 and 30 days maximum. However, this must be agreed between the two parts before the trip.

3) Guest should pay nothing. He will be treated as a member of the family.
If guest want something that the hosting family usually doesn’t eat, he can buy it.

4) Guest will accept and respect the habits of the house and the minimal rules of cohabitation. Toshe of the sons family also (like housework and hygiene). 

5) Guest should have a private room will all the privacy with a comfortable bed, free wifi and enjoy common spaces like bathrooms, dining room kitchen, garden …

6) When user has checked out, he will be assigned with a user reference and his personal date will be only visible to other users. Those will be absolutely forbidden for send to  third parties. If it happens, il will be deleted from Intercambios low-cost. May be also involved by the personal data protections policy.

7) When exchange will finish, the rest of users will be able to value it. This valoration will be visible for the others to help to decide in another exchange. 

Aprender un idioma en el extranjero. La manera más rápida de aprender un idioma es donde se habla
Idioma a aprender Destino (país) Destino (ciudad)